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Tonight, don't be scared to put a little grease in your hips at the Vedette show. The local soul/funk/rockers are playing at Scotty Quixx, starting at 10:30. Tell Rianna (lead singer) that the guy who writes the weekend update had a crush on her in high school!

Here is a great opportunity to get the kids interested in art. No kids? Then entertain your inner child ... or just pretend you're into art to impress some chick. Starting Friday, the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia will be showing Where the Wild Things Are: Maurice Sendak in His Own Words and Pictures. Who would like to take bets on how many people will be walking around humming that Arcade Fire song from the movie trailer?

El Kabong is a sick cover band. Just don't call them that to their faces. The story they're sticking to is that they wrote the songs and the greedy stars are taking credit. Go check them out at South Beach Grill on Friday AND Saturday to see for yourself. The show kicks off at 9:30.

It's that weekend again! Men all over Hampton Roads will be suffering from severe cases of shrinkage. That's right, we're talking about the Polar Plunge. The event starts with the Friday Night Plunge Party, with local favorites Butter playing in the main Plunge tent on 7th Street and will continue all day Saturday beginning with our own guitar prodigy Grant Austin Taylor. Events include Sand Sculptures, Kids Zone & Parade. Click here for full the schedule of Plunge festivities:

Saturday night The 71st Street Anglers are hosting the 26th Annual Anglers Ball. The Angler's Ball is a creative black tie event, featuring music from Fine Swiss Cheese, to benefit the Lynnhaven River Project, Naval Special WarFare Foundation and Surfers Healing. And there will be five complimentary raffle tickets for ladies in fishnets & high heels! Call (757) 652-0808 for tickets .

Looking for more opportunities to have fun and give back? Surrender the Booty For Alzheimer's is taking place at the Wyndham Oceanfront Resort with parties both Friday and Saturday night.

Phew! That was a pretty eventful Saturday, huh? Tired? Well, suck it up, buttercup, cuz it's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!

But don't spend all day sitting on your butt, watching pre-game shows, eating 7-layer dip, and getting too drunk to remember the game. Go check out the new Art Space at Pembroke Mall. There are five galleries and over 40 artists represented.

Then, make your way over to New Moon Cafe by 5 for the Super Bowl party, featuring a FREE pig and oyster roast! Seriously. What could be better than that?

Oh, and Scott Crews from Gene Gorman Auto Sale is running an awesome new special. You can get a free gas card for every auto purchase. Call Scott for your opportunity to save and get FREE GAS at (757) 406-3426. The special is only available until Feb 10th, so don't miss out!

Heads up for next week: Vinyl headlights are playing at the Nobleman's Annual Red Hot Valentine's Ball next Saturday. Tickets are almost sold out! Click here to get yours:

As always, party responsibly and tip well!

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