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Hmm ... seems like there was something special going on today.

Ohhh, riiiight.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Parties everywhere tonight... South Beach Grill with Krunch is now sold out but there are still tickets for the Buccaneer Ball with BUTTER at Nauticus ... Find the complete list of New Year's Eve events here: Stay safe, don't drink and drive. I just talked to Berns at Shore Ride Limo and they still have one 14 person limo available for tonight. They are offering a generous discount to VBnightlife members ... you can reach him at 428-7433.

And that's not your only opportunity to spend the night singing along with your favorite covers. Dynamohum is playing all day at One Fish,Two Fish. Make reservations by calling (757) 496-4350 or visiting THERE IS NO CHARGE AFTER 10PM!

If you prefer microbrews and original music, The Taphouse New Year Bash with RYLO, The Muckrakes, and DJ Cornbread is gonna be off the chain. The show starts at 10 and there's a $10 cover.

Keep the party going on Friday with Bigger Dream at South Beach Grill. The show kicks off at 9:30 and they aren't stopping till last call. Afterparty? Beats us. Ask the band.

Saturday night, it's time to get shaken all night long at The NorVa with Hell's Bells, the premiere AC/DC cover band. Not only is it the perfect opportunity to break out your old torn jeans and leather jacket to get your head-bang on, IT'S ALSO FREE! The show starts at 8. See you there? Great. Let's get drinks at Hell's Kitchen first.

If you're not a big AC/DC fan, there are still plenty of places to catch live music on Saturday. Our personal pick will have to go to Heather Jeannette at Keagan's. Why? Because not only is she an awesome singer and songwriter, she's also super hot. And she's a VBnightlife member, like the rest of the cool kids. That's hard to top, but you can give it a shot by checking out this list of other Saturday

What are you planning on for Sunday? Drinking Gatorade and taking Advil while avoiding loud noises? Don't be a wuss! There are still more College Bowl Games to watch! Stop in the New Moon Cafe to watch the games all weekend long. They open at 4:30 and their Happy Hour Specials go on till 7pm. Click here for details And you can be sure to catch all the best games with this schedule:

ATTENTION MUSICIANS: You know that this local music scene is a family. Well, one of our brothers is down. If you are a band and want to join us on January 31 to support Joe Maniscalco, please e-mail Bands and musicians thus far include: Mike Aiken Band, Baddadz, Carbon Jam, James Deans and The Big 20 Band, Michael Hensen , The Original Rhondels, Warren Seaburg, Karl Werne, Lewis McGehee, Charlie Austin, Tammy Gardner, The Calypso Nuts, Kevin Mac, The Acoustaholics, West & Daniels, Doug Dunn, Crossroads, John Baldwin, Fred Karam and more. Click here for event details: Thanks so much to all of you who have signed up to perform, help out and do whatever it takes to make this event a success. It is going to be an amazing day.

So that's it, kiddies. Go forth and party like it's 2010. But remember, be responsible, designate a driver, and TIP WELL!!!

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