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Let’s be honest, being a mommy is not as glamorous as Angelina Jolie proclaims it to be. There are days when I will bow down to my 2 foot midget and let her watch an extra episode of Bubble Guppies or play with my phone just so she’ll give me a minute of sanity. Then there are days where my Abby is a perfect angel and those days remind me why I love my name “Mommy.”


I’m new to the blog scene and I hope that my mommy monologues will give you some laughs, good cries and most importantly give you ideas for great weekend adventures with your little ones.  


Today my husband and I took our daughter Abby to “My Big Day” at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The Spectrum Puppets were the main event at the children’s festival and they put on an awesome performance that was full of dancing. Juno Award winning singer song writer Norman Foote also performed and the crowd loved it. Honestly, I didn’t think that Abby would be into it because she’s only almost 2 years old. (I don’t do the monthly breakdown of age.) But she loved it, just as all of the other kids did, and she clapped after each performance.


The festival had free slurpees and popcorn, which is heaven for any kid or parent for that matter. There were a ton of free games and giveaways. Donations were accepted and all proceeds go towards bringing child abuse prevention and anti bullying programs to area elementary schools; which I might add the cute little girl dropping money in Simon’s jar is my kid. I loved that there were activities for all ages and the various businesses were so kind and generous with their freebies. Check out all of the pictures and if you want to see the Spectrum Puppets then check them out in June at CHKD’s Birthday Celebration at Town Pointe Park


This event was sponsored by The Noblemen and to benefit Children's Performance Workshop


See Naoma Doriguzzi's video of the event HERE


[ Written by:  Angela Guzman Contact me today to reserve your blog now. ]

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