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Live Entertainment Calendars



9-2  DJ Alex Lambrino  9:30-close
9-9  DJ Rays  9:30-close
9-16  DJ JohnRab  9:30-close
9-23  DJ Dotson  9:30-close
9-30  TBA

Wednesday Locals Night
***ALL LIVE FROM 6:30pm***

9-6  Brandon Bower
9-13  Chris Hall
9-20  Red Stapler
9-27  RNR Band

Friday Nights Live
***Powered By Cirrus Vodka***

9-1  Cody & Conner Duo  7:30pm
9-8  Dave Johnson Band  7:30pm
9-15  RNR Band  7:30pm
9-22  BC Duo  7:30pm
9-29  Bennett Whales  7:pm

Bucketheads - Shore Drive

Sept 1 Jack Colgan 
Sept 2 54 Steps
Sept 3 George Schofield
Sept 8 Bill Myers
Sept 9 Power Daze
Sept 10 Junk Mail
Sept 15 Christina Calayo
Sept 16 Magnet and Steel
Sept 17 Joey Woods
Sept 22 Suspect 
Sept 23 Not Those Girls
Sept 29 House Band
Sept 30 Blind Tuna
Sept 24 TBD

7th Street Stage (Between Chix and Mahi Mah's)

11th Street Taphouse

9-12pm Friday and Saturday.
4-7pm on Sunday.

SEPT. 8 –Brian Carmona - 

SEPT.  9 –Robbie Meade - 

SUNDAY, SEPT. 10 – Firestone -

SEPT. 15 – Pete Hanson - 

SEPT.  16 – Everafter - 

SUNDAY, SEPT. 17 – Harrison Bounds -

SEPT. 22 – Dustin Furlow -

SEPT. 23 – Big Forest Fire - 

SUNDAY, SEPT. 24 – Firestone - 

FRIDAY, SEPT. 29 – Pete Hanson -

SATURDAY, SEPT 30 – Joe Heilman - 

7th Street 

31st Street Stage (Catch 31 inside the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront)

34th Street Stage Schedule


Chicho's Strawbridge 






Brett E. Williams Calendar

Outside VB 

Shakas Live


Murphy's Irish Pub


Keagan's Irish Pub - Town Center Virginia Beach 

Ocean Eddie's - 15th Street on the Pier - Sundays


Fin McCool's

  Town Center Fountain Plaza

Eagle's Nest - Hilltop

Chicho's 29th:


Hot Tuna Hot tuna  



Doc Taylor's Seaside Market Lounge 

BJ Griffin & The Galaxy Groove

Borderline Crazy Band Schedule:


Lucky Oyster:


Big Woody's General Booth 

Il Giardino's Oceanfront (10th and Atlantic)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Bill Batte starts 6:30 PM plays til 10:30 PM or later, Friday and Saturday 7:30 PM
til 11:30 PM or later.
Bill plays the keyboards and violin, plays and sings all kinds of music. This is the schedule through May 2017.
Paul Wergley Sundays 6:30 thru the summer

Il Giardino's Great Neck Rd

Paul Wergley plays the piano and guitar every Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday from 6-10 pm and Saturday from 7-11.




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