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Live Entertainment Calendars

 Tempt Restaurant & Lounge - 8:30 start time
2/2 - Lewis McGehee
2/6 - Cody Stageberg
2/13 - Grant Austin Taylor
2/17 - The Blend
2/20 - Derek Moore
2/24 - the Filmore Duo
2/27 (Tuesday) Dahna Rowe
3/3 Wonderland
3/10 The Gold Sauce
3/17 The Thumbs Up Band - St Patty's theme
3/23 - Lewis McGehee
3/27 (Tuesday) Dahna Rowe
2/1/18: Steez Promo Presents: MIJA
2/2/18: 80s VS 90s Happy Hour w/ DJ Sugarbearz & Team Trivia. Followed by: DJ JERM
2/3/18: BAND: MOCEAN - 8:30pm - 11:30pm, Followed by: DJ JULZ GAT & DJ SUGARBEARZ
2/8/18: Steez Promo Presents: GOLDFISH (Live Set!)
2/9/18: 80s VS 90s Happy Hour & Team Trivia. Followed by: DJ AC 
2/10/18: Swimsuits & Snowboots - Prelim Round #1 for the 2018 Coastal Edge Miss ECSC! w/ DJ AC! 
2/15/18: Mardi Gras SIN Night w/ DJ SHYDOT! $500 Miss Mardi Gras Contest! 
2/16/18: 80s VS 90s Happy Hour & Team Trivia. Followed by: DJ Kevin Bell 
2/17/18: Pier Pressure Presidential Party w/ DJS: L1v3ly & Steven Dotson
2/22/18: Ladies Night w/ DJ Joe Fu 
2/23/18: 80s VS 90s Happy Hour & Team Trivia. Followed by: DJ JULZ GAT & DJ SUGARBEARZ
2/24/18: Steez Promo Presents: EXMAG
 Red Stapler Band Schedule on their FB page -
Froggies - February
1st      Rudeboy Riddim   8PM
2nd    The Gold Sauce    9PM
3rd     Slack Dog              9PM
7th     BluzHammer          8PM
8th    Mike Proffitt & Dana SilverCloud 7PM
9th    Plastic Eddie           9PM
10th    Asphalt Jungle      9PM
11th    The Blue Mile        5PM
12th   PairODocs             6:30PM
14th  Anthony Rosano Trio 8PM
15th  The Gypseas         8PM
16th  EverAfter                9PM
17th  Anthony Rosano & the Conqueroos 9PM
18th The Wampler Brothers 5PM
19th  The Baylake Boys  6:30PM
21st    Shore Drive Allstars  8PM
22nd     Lewis McGehee        7PM
23rd        The Intangible Cats  9PM
24th   Almost Famous Band        9PM
25th        The Tiki Bar Band        5PM
28th        Jason Cale Trio  8PM

{double checking these: marty c moore every Monday 6 pm

,karaoke every wed at 8 pm}







Keagan's Irish Pub


Brett E. Williams Calendar

Outside VB 

Shakas Live


Fin McCool's

Eagle's Nest - Hilltop


Hot Tuna Hot tuna  



Doc Taylor's Seaside Market Lounge 

BJ Griffin & The Galaxy Groove

Borderline Crazy Band Schedule:


Lucky Oyster:


Big Woody's General Booth 

Il Giardino's Oceanfront (10th and Atlantic)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Bill Batte starts 6:30 PM plays til 10:30 PM or later, Friday and Saturday 7:30 PM
til 11:30 PM or later.
Bill plays the keyboards and violin, plays and sings all kinds of music. This is the schedule through May 2017.
Il Giardino Great Neck:
Paul Wergley plays the piano and guitar every Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday from 6-10 pm and Saturday from 7-11.





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